Notice to SERAPIO is a platform dedicated and committed to provide every Serapio, with a virtual assistant that will accompany them on their journey as seafarers. The platform will allow Serapio, access to suitable training or review schedule, available promo, affordable rate, and other services that will benefit each seafarer.

Serapio is a typical Filipino who will do everything to chase for their dreams with noble intention of uplifting the economic status of their loved ones, through a challenging career of becoming a competent seafarer. Seafaring profession is a serious career, since it demands commitment, perseverance, patience, and the sacrifice of living away from loved ones in exchange of providing them better standard of living. In the process, most seafarers spend less time with their families ashore, than onboard oceangoing vessel dealing with all forms of challenges from emotional depression to tropical depression.

Aggravating the circumstances that most seafarers have to endure is the reality that despite of their limited time for vacation supposedly spends quality time with their families, they have to allocate a number of days scouting for affordable, bearable, and accessible training provider or review center to upgrade their status as maritime professionals or able bodied seafarer. To mitigate the hardships and deprivation of enjoying work life balance,, believed that nobody can understand and help Serapio cope up with all this challenges, but only Serapio, himself.