is a web platform where seafarers can find available maritime training, review, manning, and other necessities a seafarer may need while in the comfort of their homes.

The business conceptualize is that you can't do it all on your own. You need the support of talented and experienced people. This support may come in the form of interns, contractors, strategic partners and even employees. has been conceptualized to cater that need for support.


Virtual assistant platform for various needs, converging seafarers and maritime institutions in the Philippines.


We are a divergent team that innovates our service to meet and exceed the dynamic demands of our partners in the maritime industry.

To provide a platform for discussion on matters of common interest.

TTo promote a career of seafaring.


The name Serapio describe to any person who has a very unique talent, abilities, attitude and behavior in his own field. It can be attributed to someone who is brilliant career achiever and intelligent, or to someone who is opposite but have the great attitude to persevere in his chosen career and path in life to push through and finished what they started.

I general, Serapio is anybody out there, maybe an intelligent person, or maybe not, or maybe an ordinary person, but they have the hidden and unexplored talent and abilities that once discovered they will excel in whatever field of their interest.